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A Taste of Naxos, Naxos

Indulge yourself in an activity that will familiarize you with the historical significance of Naxos and the local cuisine.


Unlock the secrets of Naxos with a small group experience. Start your journey at the Temple of Apollo and uncover the island's rich history. Visit the archaeological museum and Venetian Castle to admire pre-historic Cycladic figurines. Stroll through the alleyways of Venetian Old Town to sample local delicacies like cheese and phyllo snacks. Enjoy a meal in a taverna, accompanied by meze and local delights, to get a taste of Naxian hospitality. You'll discover the diversity of Naxos and its culture as you explore its many wonders.


  • View Naxos' most important and historical sites, like the Temple of Apollo and Venetian Castle
  • Walk with a local and get a deeper understanding of the daily life and culture of the island
  • Enjoy a complimentary drink and mezes at a Greek taverna as you chat with your private guide
  • Discover the Old Town of Naxos and sample local cheese with wine

Know before you go

4 hours
Recommended for
All ages
Small group, 9 people or less

What you'll do

Viewing the sites and monuments of Naxos through a local's eyes is an excellent way to have an authentic experience. After meeting your guide, you'll set off on foot to explore the island's narrow alley, stopping at important sites along the way.

See the awe-inspiring Portara, the Temple of Apollo, in all its marble glory. This remarkable and iconic marble gate is a symbol of the island, standing as the only remaining part of an unfinished temple built in 530 BCE. Your guide will provide an immersive experience with engaging stories about the first inhabitants of the island and the mythology that shaped their lives. 

Explore an on-site excavation museum and walk to the top of the Venetian Castle area, where you can find an impressive collection of pre-historic Cycladic figurines for a comprehensive cultural experience of the island. As you walk with your guide down the charming cobblestone streets of the Old Town of Naxos, get ready to be immersed in the bustling atmosphere of this vibrant area. You'll pass by the old markets filled with colorful fruit stands and stalls with aromatic herbs and spices. You'll also get the chance to experience a taste of local Naxion cheese with a glass of wine and a variety of phyllo snacks at a local cheese store.

Complete your day by indulging in the traditional flavors of Greek cuisine at a local taverna. Enjoy a variety of mezes, local delicacies, and the unique flavors of Naxian gastronomy. Alongside your meal, you'll be served two glasses of wine, a sample of raki, and kitron. As you savor a bite and a sip, don't hesitate to ask your guide about Naxos's fascinating history and culture. Before saying goodbye, your guide will be more than happy to provide recommendations for other places to explore and restaurants to try in the city.

Start times

  • Monday
    5:00 pm
  • Tuesday
    Not available
  • Wednesday
    5:00 pm
  • Thursday
    Not available
  • Friday
    5:00 pm
  • Saturday
    Not available
  • Sunday
    Not available

What's included

  • All the tastings
  • English-speaking local guide

Traveler reviews

Anita H.
Batavia, NY | Reviewed on May 11, 2023

A must do! The tour was intimate. The food and attention to detail at each stop was top notch. Our guide was super sweet and se was genuinely excited to share Naxos with us. Read more

A must do! The tour was intimate. The food and attention to detail at each stop was top notch. Our guide was super sweet and se was genuinely excited to share Naxos with us.

Quality of Experience
Guides, Drivers and Staff

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