Naxos Food Tour

Winding local streets
Naxos is the largest of the Greek Cyclades islands, home to ancient ruins, inviting beaches, and mountain villages that seem suspended in time. Naxos is also famous for having some of the best and freshest produce in the entire Cyclades island chain. This guided food tour highlights this part of Naxos' culture with visits to towns like Kindaros, Kaloxylos, Chalki, the marble town of Apeiranthos, and the capital town's main harbor, Naxos Chora.

The tour includes visits with local producers to sample the ingredients used in the island's better-known dishes, such as loukoumades (fried donuts), keftedes (meatballs) with tzatziki sauce, and Naxian cheeses. It also includes a cheese/olive picnic with coffee, juice, bread, fruit, and yogurt. The tour ends with a tasting of the local kitron liqueur at a distillery.

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