Day Trip to Delos Island

An aerial view of the archaeological site at Delos
Enjoy a day cruise to the picturesque and sacred island of Delos. In the morning, you'll board your boat and relax as you glide through the sea toward Delos, once the center of the Cyclades in the ancient world. Although uninhabited, you'll visit one of the most important and impressive archaeological sites in Greece!

Delos played a significant role in the ancient world for the Cyclades Islands. It's the birthplace of the two Greek gods Apollo and Artemis, and it became home to the first multicultural civilization in the world. You'll walk around the archeological site with a dedicated guide, learning about the island's fascinating history, culture, and why it was such an important trade center for its time.

You'll weave through the foundations of prehistoric mansions, temples, and landmarks, such as the Terrace of the Lions. Afterward, pop into the island museum, which hosts an extensive collection of small artifacts and frescoes. 

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Itineraries with Day Trip to Delos Island

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