River Trekking: Voidomatis River in Zagori

Photo from Trekking Hellas
Trek up the famous Vikos Gorge and enjoy swimming in the refreshing waters of the Voidomatis River. This unique experience follows the upper portion of the river, starting in the village of Vikos. After a brief introduction, you'll put on your wet suits and gear and head toward Voidomatis Springs

As you walk up the river, you'll make several crossings. At times you'll use old stone bridges, while for other crossings, you'll wade into the river. The waters are chilly year-round, maintaining a temperature of just 40° F (4°C). But you'll have no trouble crossing in your warm wetsuits, and you can still enjoy refreshing swims and cliff jumping!

The clear, turquoise waters flow through one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. You can even drink the river water! At the hike's midpoint, you'll stop to enjoy a traditional picnic in the gorge. Then, rest your feet before continuing toward Aristi Bridge, where the trek ends.

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