Family Hike in Zagori

Photo from MAMAKITA
Discover Zagori's historic stone bridges and picturesque villages with this easy, family-friendly hike, perfect for kids. Zagori is a unique region featuring 46 villages, the Pindos Mountains, roaring rivers, and deep gorges. Many visit the area for its exceptional nature and history.

Typically called Zagorochoria, the Zagori region villages include stone buildings and bridges using a specialized technique. Only masons in the Epirus area have mastered this particular skill! You'll follow your guide along the old footpaths that link the hamlets, once the only connection before roads were built. 

This circular hike starts in the town of Kipi, home to some of the most impressive stone bridges of the area. Many originate in the 17th and 18th centuries and feature the name of who paid for the construction. Upon reaching the village of Koukouli, you'll visit the Lazaridis Museum and observe an expansive collection of the rare flora found in Vikos Gorge.

As you head back to Kipi, follow the old stone path of Koukouli, also known as "Koukouli Steps."  Opt for a stop at the 16th-century Monastery of Pagia Spiliotissa for some extra exploring. The views are worth your time, as the structure sits atop a rock overlooking the Voidomatis River.

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