Photo Tour in Zagori

Explore Zagori's scenery and capture its picturesque stone villages and bridges with a photo tour. The Zagori countryside is a great backdrop for any photographer. The stone elements will please black-and-white photography fans, while the unspoiled nature is perfect for landscape photographers!

You can start anywhere in the region of Zagori, capturing the unique colors of the Voidomatis River and Vikos Gorge or focusing on the charming stone hamlets. The award-winning Greek photojournalist and photo coach Maro Kouri will help you choose among the traditional villages of Monodendri, Kapesovo, Koukouli, and Tsepelovo.

Along the way, visit the Museum of Photography of the Ancestors and the “State of the People of Zagori” exhibit by Petros Fragoulis. You'll also stop in the unique village of Vovoussa, set in the less popular side of Zagori. Maro will share tips and tricks of professional photography as you're shooting and help you set your camera, learn the basics, or discuss the editing process. Whatever stage you're in, he's there to offer his guidance!

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