Zagori Bridges and Villages Hike

Sunrise in Vitsa
In the north of Greece, near the border of Albania, lie the Pindos, the country's largest mountain range. Comprising the heart of these mountains is the Zagori region, known for its famous Zagorichoria—fairy-tale stone villages featuring 17th-century churches and stone bridges arching over crystalline rivers. Due to the unique flora and fauna present in the region, Zagori has been designated a national park with strict preservation rules. Therefore it's an ideal spot to enjoy a nature hike.

This easy half-day guided hike (great for families) follows paths near old farms and stone houses, with vistas of the surrounding mountains all around. It's also a cultural excursion, as the guide will regale his or her group with stories about the history and heritage of the region along the way. There's a stop at the 16th-century Monastery of Pagia Spiliotissa, built atop a rock overlooking the Voidomatis river, and a break for lunch in the village of Vitsa, which is home to a local mushroom-hunting expert.

Itineraries with Zagori Bridges and Villages Hike

Enchanting Northern Greece and Corfu - 14 Days

Experience the lesser-known side of the country with this two-week trip across Northern Greece. You'll go from Greece's second city of Thessaloniki to living like the proverbial pasha in lakeside Ioannina, then up to the clifftop monasteries of Meteora. Continue on through the stone Zagori mountain villages to wrap up your journey on the shores of Corfu in the Ionian Sea, where you'll follow in legendary traveler Odysseus's footsteps.

Central Greece, Skopelos & Corfu Exploration - 14 Days

Make your way across the middle of Greece with this two-week itinerary. Over the span of 14 days, you'll go from up on Mount Pelion, once believed to be the home of the centaurs, down to Skopelos island and then back up to the clifftop monasteries of Meteora and Zagori mountain villages. Go back out to sea with a trip to Corfu before you return to Athens.

Adventurous Athens, Central Greece, and Corfu - 8 Days

Spend eight days trekking through the northern Greek mountains and exploring the beaches of Corfu with this itinerary. In just over a week, you'll go from the bustling capital to the historic monasteries atop the cliffs of Meteora to the hillside villages of Zagori and the rugged shores of Corfu. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy your natural surroundings along the way!

Mainland Greece Adventure Trip - 21 Days

Clamber over the corners of mainland Greece on this three-week itinerary. You'll start by experiencing the Classical myths and modern street art of Athens. Then make your way out of the capital and up to the sky-high Meteora monasteries and Zagori mountain villages, where you'll learn to cook like a local. Hop in the waters of the Peloponnese before you end your trip in seaside Nafplio, home to biking, kayaking, and the chance to channel your inner Pan as a shepherd for a day.

Adventurous Athens, Central Greece and Corfu - 16 Days

Spend 16 days exploring both central and coastal Greece after a few days in the country's dynamic capital. Start in Athens with a sail around the Saronic Gulf in search of your dinner before you spend two days amid the cliffs of Meteora.  From there you'll hike, cook, and raft your way through the mountainside Zagori villages, then hop a ferry to Corfu to bike, jeep, and kayak past the island's forts, monasteries, and stony coastline.