Sea Kayaking at Epidaurus Sunken City near Nafplio

Photo from MAMAKITA
Discover the sunken city of Epidaurus by kayak. This is a great and active way for anyone, including families, to explore Greece's rich history. After transferring to Palaia Epidavros Beach, you'll get acquainted with your equipment and learn a few basic techniques from your guide.

When ready, you'll head out to find the sunken remains of an ancient city! As you follow the coastline, you'll paddle over the ruins of Epidaurus, which was built in 1200 BCE. You may know it better as Argolida’s Lost Atlantis. Here, you'll find an entire metropolis preserved under the sea. After stopping at an isolated beach, you can snorkel and take underwater pictures of the ruins.

Before heading back, enjoy a homemade picnic and some free time at the beach. You can continue snorkeling, go swimming, sunbathe, or play on the sand!

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