Views from Palamidi Castle

Nafplio Old Town & Palamidi Castle Walk 


Discover the streets and monuments of Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece and one of the country's most charming cities. As you stroll through the colorful lanes and alleyways, you'll notice a mix of Venetian, Ottoman, and Greek architecture. Your guide will point out important buildings and share interesting stories about Nafplio's history.

If you're in Nafplio, you can't help but notice the imposing fortress that overlooks the town. You'll start your tour here, at Palamidi Castle. Enjoy the incredible views over the red rooftops and out into the sea. From here, you can view Bourtzi Fort on a small island in the middle of the harbor. As you make your way downhill, explore some of the other important landmarks with your guide.

First, you'll walk through the Gate of the Land, which was once part of the city's original walls. Next, visit the Vouleftikon building, the very first Greek Parliament, and Constitution Square, also known as Syntagma Square, the main square in Nafplio. Other tour highlights include Fillelinon Square, the seafront, and the Town Hall, a beautiful neoclassical building.

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Itineraries with Nafplio Old Town & Palamidi Castle Walk 

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