Olive Farm Visit & Tasting with Lunch on the Peloponnese

Olive Trees at Sunset
Greece is known for its olive harvest and award-winning olive oil. On this private tour, you'll visit an olive farm and learn how to extract, taste, and distinguish different varieties of the country's liquid gold. Serving as the main ingredient in the Greek kitchen since ancient times, you'll discover the oil's history and cultural significance. 

The olive tree is a symbol of the goddess Athena, who, according to Greek tradition, first planted the tree in Greece in the city of Athens. Therefore, Greeks were the first to plant and cultivate olives in the Mediterranean region! Today, the country is one of the top three to produce olive oil for a worldwide market. 

You'll start by learning about the quality of olive oil produced at the farm, plus the crop's history. Then, you'll watch the extraction process and explore how to bottle and store the oil. Once you understand the process and different varieties, you can start your tasting. Your host will lead you through a range of oil variations, explaining how to distinguish the taste and what factors impact the flavor.

Next, speak directly with the owners as they share stories about their farm and the heritage they strive to preserve. In the end, you'll walk away with newfound knowledge and a bottle of your own olive oil! Before you head back, enjoy a light lunch surrounded by nature and olive groves. Taste a glass of local wine with your meal, and feel free to use lots of olive oil.

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