Columns of Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia Tour in the Peloponnese


This tour takes you through the archeological ruins of Ancient Olympia, including the original stadium and athletic training facilities where the Olympics first started in 776 BCE. The area around Olympia features a scenic natural landscape, perfect for a nice little hike at the end of your tour. 

Your guide will lead you through the impressive ruins as you explore the massive Temple of Zeus, the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, and the Temple of Hera. Of course, you'll also visit the ancient stadium where athletes trained and competed over 3,000 years ago. Spend some free time walking around the grounds or enjoy a quick hike to scenic viewpoints.

After the tour, you can pay a visit to the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in the village of Katakolo. You'll find ancient Greek inventions and the first analog computer in human history, the Antikythera Mechanism.

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Our favorite tour of the whole trip! Our guide Nicki was warm, engaging, helpful and really brought the history to life. read more

Our favorite tour of the whole trip! Our guide Nicki was warm, engaging, helpful and really brought the history to life.

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