Monemvasia from Afar

Private Monemvasia Guided Tour, Monemvasia

Discover the mysteries of Monemvasia with this 2.


Discover the mysteries of Monemvasia with this 2.5-hour private guided tour of the Castle and its scenic Upper Town. Throughout the centuries, Momenvasia evolved into a popular castle-town and a strategic base of trade and military during the Byzantine Empire. The eastern Mediterranean Sea was the last stronghold of the Byzantines to fall. Many cultural influences came and went, including the Venetians, the Turks, and the Pope himself!

Today, Monemvasia is a living medieval castle-town, one of the most beautiful of the Mediterranean Sea. A certified guide will take you through the castle's narrow cobbled paths and under vaulted arches to admire the historic architecture. The entire town sits on the island's rugged southern side, entirely walled on both sides and down to the sea. You'll visit the many traditional shops and tavernas inside the old walls while learning about the castle's fascinating history, culture, and mythology.

After visiting the Old Town, you'll start your trek through the Upper Town. The massive cliffs in the middle of the castle stand at nearly 1,000 feet (300 m). The walk to the top is quite difficult and steep, but your hard work will be rewarded with incredible views and a visit to the Church of Aghia Sofia.

Depending on your accommodation, and your travel specialist’s advice, a private transfer to the site can be arranged. 

Please bear in mind that the trail to the Upper Town is generally slippery and quite difficult. You are strongly recommended to wear sturdy shoes.

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