Discover the Villages of Mani

Discover the amazing villages and landscapes of the Mani Peninsula, starting with Areopoli, meaning the "City of Ares," and named after the ancient Greek god of war. This town is the area's capital and features a big square with the statue of Petrobay’s Mavromichalis. Enjoy wandering through the charming stone alleys with preserved tower houses and churches, and stop to visit the shops, taverns, and bars.

Continue to picturesque Oitylo, an ancient Greek city that formed part of Menelaus’ kingdom, according to Homer. Then, head to Limeni. Once a pirate cove and the old harbor of Areopoli, the town now hosts a wonderful seaside resort in its small fishing community. Pop into one of the restaurants or cafés for stunning sea views. Although there isn't a beach, stone steps lead directly into the crystal-clear waters.

If you like caves or need to escape the summer heat, consider a visit to the Caves of Diros and admire the unique and "natural underground cathedral," as it's described. There are three caves, but only one, Vlyhada, is open to the public. To reach the inside, you'll take a guided punting boat and admire the impressive stalagmites and stalactites.

Next, head to the natural port of Gerolimenas. In ancient times, it was the most important port in the area, transporting goods to Pireaus and the island of Syros. Nowadays, it’s an authentic fishing village with delicious restaurants and a pebbled beach.

Another worthwhile stop is the traditional settlement of Vathia, full of characteristic tower houses. The village sits atop a high hill аbоve thе sea, its rοаds winding around it. From the top, you'll enjoy beautiful pаnοramic scenes οf thе entire villagе.

End your day in the southernmost point of mainland Greece at Cape Tainaron. The ancient Spartans built several temples in the area, the most important one being the Temple of Poseidon, honoring the God of the sea. Enjoy a stroll to the lighthouse at the end of the cape and savor the incredible sea views.

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