Inside the walls

Hiking & Traditional Greek Meal near Monemvasia


Enjoy a moderate and scenic hike to St. Nicholas Village. Along the way, you'll savor incredible views out into the sea and architectural charms, like the Byzantine Church of Saint Nicholas. To start, you'll follow an uphill path with views toward the Monemvasia Castle, then meet a relatively flat old cobbled road. A guide will point out some of the area's native flora and share stories about Monemvasia's fascinating history.

Before reaching the village, you'll transfer to a rural road that crosses several estates. Then, head to St. Nicholas Square to visit the historic 11th-century church adorned by one-of-a-kind Byzantine icons. In the church's courtyard, rest your feet and enjoy a glass of fresh orange juice while your guide shares more insight into the town, its culture, mythology, and traditions.

Next, you'll go to Liotrivi Mansion and enjoy a tour of the Olive Museum. Then, observe a traditional bread demonstration and learn about the region's authentic culinary traditions. Finally, taste some of the recipes and products you'll hear about with a buffet meal featuring traditional cuisine and local wine.

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