Farm-to-Table Cooking Class & Lunch in Monemvasia

Photo from Boutique Hotel Liotrivi
The best way to discover Monemvasia's traditional cuisine is to prepare (and eat) it yourself! This cooking class takes place in the peaceful garden of Liotrivi Mansion, where a professional chef will introduce you to Greek gastronomy. You'll learn about the secrets behind the region's authentic recipes, its distinctive quality, and the special flavors that make it so unique.

This engaging cooking class will help you discover Laconian cooking secrets by choosing from two different menus that feature four or five courses. Both include traditional Greek salad, tzatziki, and doughnuts with honey for dessert. However, the main course differs between the class's three ancestral recipes. These dishes include Gemista (stuffed peppers and tomatoes with rice), Giouvetsi (veal in tomato sauce with local pasta), or Kayanas (omelet with fresh tomato, vegetables, feta cheese, and olive oil).

As you wait for your lunch to cook, you'll enjoy a guided tour of the property's Olive Oil Museum and wine cellar. Learn about the production and manufacturing processes while tasting a few varieties of oil and wine. Then, enjoy the fruit of your earlier labor with lunch in the garden. Use some of the olive oil you just learned about, and sip a glass of your favorite wine with your meal.

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