Discover the Natural Beauty of Aigialeia

Stroll through the olive groves
Explore the beauty of the Aigialeia region, situated by the northern tip of the scenic Peloponnese. You can start with the Odontotos Railway, a steep mountain railway that takes you to the alpine town of Kalavryta through the impressive Vouraikos Gorge. Many visitors opt to hike part of the distance (usually from Zachlorou to Kalavryta, or vice versa) to enjoy the area's natural beauty. Still, the railway alone will give you incredible panoramic views of the gorge and Aigialeia's scenic landscapes. 

An alternative to the railway is driving to Mt. Helmos, allowing you to lose yourself amongst endless alpine forests and creeks. This drive is ideal for hot summer days or for any time of year with the right equipment. Stop to enjoy an easy trek to the waterfalls near Mesorougi village or opt for a more demanding hike to Ydata Stygos, the spring where Achilleas became immortal.

Whether you chose a railway adventure or a hiking excursion, you can end the day with a visit to the renowned and highly awarded olive farm in the village of Akrata. Relax in the shade of olive trees and absorb the amazing views of the Gulf of Corinth. You can even adopt an olive tree and receive its olive oil at home!

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