Kids Activities on Mt. Parnassos near Delphi

An Walk Specifically for Young Kids
Let your little ones explore the nature around Delphi with this easy walk in the National Park of Mt. Parnassos. Established in 1938, the park encompasses Mt. Olympus and stands as one of the country's oldest National Parks. Enjoy walking through the forest, in fields, and amongst the wildflowers with your babies, toddlers, and young kids. In the end, savor a peaceful picnic on the mountain.

You'll walk along a circular path smooth enough to accommodate strollers. Along the way, your kiddos can peer into the entrance of the underground Eptastomos Cave. Deep inside sits the southernmost glacier in Europe, but the Ancient Greeks considered it one of the underworld entrances!

Enjoy a picnic with traditional delicacies, discuss local traditions, try your hand at archery, and play and climb on the trees. You'll find two main tree species in this area: the Cephalonian Fir and the Juniper tree.

On the way back, keep an eye out for little black squirrels hiding in pine trees and golden eagles soaring through the sky. The Ancient Greeks believed that Mt. Parnassos was home to beautiful dancing forest nymphs. These were the daughters of Gaia, also known as "Mother Earth."

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