Dolphin-Watching Boat Trip in the Corinthian Gulf

Photo from MAMAKITA
Enjoy a family-friendly boating adventure in the Corinthian Gulf, a scenic waterway connecting the Aegean and Ionian Seas. You'll cruise out into the sea on a high-speed RIB. Enjoy passing through the crystal-clear waters and along the shores of Northern Peloponnese. This area is a favorite place amongst the local dolphins, and you may see them playing in the water!

Along the way, you'll pass the tiny islands of Diporta and Alkyonides and gaze at idyllic beaches and small fishing villages. Stop to admire coastal archaeological sites, such as Heraion, a sanctuary dedicated to Goddess Hera. You'll also see the 19th-century Melagkavi Lighthouse and the narrow canal connecting Lake Vouliagmeni.

Your guide will make a stop at a white-sand beach with clear, turquoise water. Here, enjoy some free time to swim, play on the beach, or snorkel. Before heading back, you can snorkel and swim in the miniature cave called the Maltese Azure Window.

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