Triple Swim: Waterfall, Lake & Sea on the Peloponnese

Explore the incredible natural environments of Greece in a special way, by getting off the beaten path, even for the locals! A local guide will take you into the hilly and mountainous terrain near Corinth, where you'll enjoy walking through idyllic landscapes and swim in three types of water: a waterfall, an alpine lake, and the salty sea.

Start with a dip in a beautiful waterfall in the northern part of Peloponnese, at Mt. Helmos. After some easy river-trekking upstream, you'll reach the springs of Styx, famous for the myth about the Achilles Heel. Continue by car to the hidden gem of Lake Tsivlou. This alpine lake has a stunning turquoise hue, perfect for a dip and lunch break. You'll enjoy a traditional meal featuring ingredients from a local garden.

Next, head to the picturesque Pefkias Pine Forest on the coast. Relax on the beach or take a dip in the Gulf of Corinth. Afterward, enjoy a fresh, post-swim smoothie. End the day with a refreshment on the rooftop of your cozy accommodation, a boutique hotel within walking distance from the beach. The hotel is known for one of the best breakfasts in the region!

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Itineraries with Triple Swim: Waterfall, Lake & Sea on the Peloponnese

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