Discover the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology near Olympia

Visit one of the most interesting museums in Greece, the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, in the port town of Katakolo. For most of the tourist season, Katakolo hosts huge liners filled with visitors touring Ancient Olympia. The rest of the year, the town is a serene seaside village with local restaurants, cafes, and a small museum.

Founded by Kostas Kotsanas, the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology holds 200 operating reconstructions of the Ancient Greeks' mechanisms and inventions. The exhibitions cover a large period from 2200 BCE to 100 CE. Here you'll find several "firsts" from ancient inventions, including:
  • The first wake-up mechanism in history (Plato's alarm clock);
  • The first building automation in history (the automatic opening of the Temple Gates after sacrifice on its altar;
  • The first precise automatic clocks (hydraulic clocks of Ktesibios);
  • The first operating robot;
  • The first movable theater and puppet show;
  • The first elevating mechanism;
  • And many others!
To wrap up your day, visit the nearby Mercouri Estate. You can join a winery tour and learn about its wine production facilities, vineyards, and olive groves. There's also a small folklore museum with a collection of old rural tools and instruments, or you can walk through the vineyards and groves to the beach. Tours end with a wine tasting under old pine trees and with views of the Ionian Sea.

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