Athens Food Tour

Varvakios Market, Athens
Syntagma Square is the central plaza in Athens. Naturally, it is a hotbed of activity and the starting point of one of the best food tours in the country. This is a delicious odyssey that covers the city's various street-food stalls, providing insight into Greek culture through its cuisine. It celebrates the Mediterranean diet and its myriad health benefits and includes visits to less touristic neighborhoods and open-air markets abuzz with vendors and patrons.

The tour kicks off with a traditional Greek coffee at one of the city's landmark coffee houses before picking up some street snacks to sample on the go. There's a stop at Varvakios Market, the largest and most popular produce market in the city. Then it's a stroll down narrow streets where the rich, aromatic smells of exotic spices permeate the air. The food tour includes samples of olive oils, honey, and cheeses from around the country, as well as cured meats, olives, and more. Everything from baklava to souvlaki is available to appeal to even the pickiest eaters.

Itineraries with Athens Food Tour

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