Athens Food Tour

Varvakios Market, Athens
Syntagma Square is the central plaza in Athens. Naturally, it is a hotbed of activity and the starting point of one of the best food tours in the country. This is a delicious odyssey that covers the city's various street-food stalls, providing insight into Greek culture through its cuisine. It celebrates the Mediterranean diet and its myriad health benefits and includes visits to less touristic neighborhoods and open-air markets abuzz with vendors and patrons.

The tour kicks off with a traditional Greek coffee at one of the city's landmark coffee houses before picking up some street snacks to sample on the go. There's a stop at Varvakios Market, the largest and most popular produce market in the city. Then it's a stroll down narrow streets where the rich, aromatic smells of exotic spices permeate the air. The food tour includes samples of olive oils, honey, and cheeses from around the country, as well as cured meats, olives, and more. Everything from baklava to souvlaki is available to appeal to even the pickiest eaters.

Itineraries with Athens Food Tour

Laidback Athens, Tinos, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete - 14 Days

Need a vacation? Find your piece of paradise with the 2-week version of this laidback itinerary. Start with street food and native wine varietals in Athens, before heading to Tinos for a cultural tour. Glamorous Mykonos and Santorini are next, before continuing to Crete, where turquoise lagoons and village tours making sure you're fully blissed out before you go back to Athens.

Relaxed Athens, Santorini, Naxos & Mykonos - 10 Days

Take the coast of the Cyclades from guidebook covers straight to your own social media feed with this 10-day itinerary. These famous islands have captured travelers' imaginations for centuries, and now it's your turn to explore via boat, bike, and more, whether you're riding smoothly past sunny beaches or settling in for dinner and stories on an island farm.

Relaxing Secret Cyclades - 16 Days

See the lesser-known side of the Cyclades on this 16-day  island itinerary. After sampling the street foods of Athens, you'll ferry off to the Cycladic islands that deserve just as much of the spotlight as their more-famous siblings. Tour the mansions of the Cycladic capital on Syros, explore the Tinos marble scene, bike the beaches of Naxos, and see the villages and vineyards of Ios before your return to Athens, accompanied by the sweeping of the Aegean Sea.

Laid-Back Athens, Tinos, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete - 10 Days

Escape to Athens and Greece's gorgeous islands with this laid-back itinerary. See the sights and sample some of the city's best street food in the capital, and then set sail for the Cyclades. Stop in Tinos, a hidden gem with a vibrant artisan community and rich religious history, before heading to neighboring Mykonos. There you'll enjoy an authentic farm-to-table meal with the locals. Make your way to the incredibly photogenic Santorini for some beach time and a cruise around its volcanic caldera. Then head to Crete for more fabulous beaches and some time in and around the Venetian city of Chania. Visit some historic Cretan villages before ending your journey.

Mainland Greece Road Trip - 14 Days

Take in the sights and flavors of the countryside on this two-week road trip around mainland Greece. Starting in Athens, you'll explore the Acropolis and sample local delicacies before making your way to the Peloponnese. Here you'll encounter traditional villages, ancient castles, beautiful Byzantine architecture, and fascinating archaeological sites. Go wine tasting in Nemea, consult the oracle at Delphi, and see the birthplace of the Olympics along the way.

Mainland Greek History & the Cyclades - 14 Days

Discover Athens, Delphi, and the best of the Greek islands during this fun 14-day itinerary. Visit major archeological sites, sample volcanic vintages at wine tastings on Santorini, visit an organic farm on Mykonos, sail the Athenian Riviera, and much more.

Athens City Break - 7 Days

Thousands of artifacts were discovered when the Athenian subway system was expanded for the Olympics in 2004, proving that this ancient city still has some secrets waiting to be told. See if you can discover some of them for yourself with this weeklong itinerary, spending seven days biking, wandering, eating, and cooking your way through Athens.

Athens and Nafplio - 6 Days

Live like a local in Greece's idyllic Argolic Gulf with this 6-day itinerary. You'll explore Athens for a few days, including a unique guided tour of some of the city's most important ancient sites before you head to seaside Nafplio, home to winding streets and a historic water fortress. Explore this beautiful area of mainland Greece, then get hands-on in an olive grove before you head home.

Urban Adventures and History in Athens & Thessaloniki - 10 Days

You'll visit Greece's two most important metropolises with this 10-day itinerary. Athens is unsurprisingly packed with rich historical sites, but you'll also explore its more modern neighborhoods and get to know its markets and coffee houses. In Thessaloniki, you'll visit Byzantine churches, Ottoman towers, and even a castle before heading back to the capital for a cooking class overlooking the Acropolis.

Urban Adventures and History in Athens & Thessaloniki - 7 Days

This week-long itinerary offers plenty of opportunities to explore the ancient and modern sides of Athens and Thessaloniki. In the capital, you'll learn about mythology straight from the source, and wander through the markets on a street food tour. Enjoy the laidback seafront vibes and multicultural food scene of Thessaloniki, and visit its dramatic monuments on a walking tour of the city. Back in Athens, take in one last view of the Acropolis as you cook a traditional meal with a professional chef.