Day Trip from Athens: Delphi & Corycean Grotto Hike

The Treasury of the Athenians at Delphi
Explore Delphi, once believed to be the center of the world and home to Apollo with his famous predictions of the future. Enjoy an early-morning drive weaving through the scenic Greek countryside and passing iconic landscapes. You'll pass views of endless olive groves, turquoise coastline, and red-roofed villages. 

Upon arrival in the area of Delphi, enjoy a moderate hike to the Corycean Grotto, dedicated to the god Pan. Then, walk down an ancient footpath (once used by worshippers of Pan) that passes through olive groves and takes you to Delphi. Enjoy views of the Corinthian Gulf and the Peloponnese Mountains. The surrounding landscape will help you understand why Delphi stood as the cultural and religious center of the Hellenic world for centuries. 

Rest your feet and enjoy a snack before heading to the ancient archaeological site of Delphi. Here, you'll follow your guide through the sprawling property, stopping at all the must-see sites. Visit the Treasury of the Athenians, the Temple of Apollo, and the expansive, open-air theater. Your guide will share historical information about these monuments built in the 4th century BCE. You'll also visit the Polygonal Wall, built in the 6th century BCE, to support the terrace where the Temple of Apollo stands.

Next, head to the museum, where your guide will reveal various artifacts, including the bronze Charioteer of Delphi, the haunting Sphinx of Naxos, and what might be the very first recorded notation of a melody. You'll also visit the old town and try to meet the last bellmaker in Greece! If he's in his small workshop, you can watch how he creates the livestock bells used by local villagers.

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