Hiking and Trekking in Iceland

Iceland is a hiking paradise. Its long summer days provide a unique atmosphere to explore Iceland's natural playground full of volcanos, glaciers, valleys, and fjords. Below you can browse our growing collection of insights provided by Iceland's hiking experts.
Sunset in camp near Alftavatn Lake
Trekking Off the Beaten Path in the Icelandic Highlands – 7 Days

The Icelandic Highlands are home to some of the most spectacular scenery and breathtaking landscapes on the planet. Trek the famous Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls trails, camp in the Valley of Thor, and walk through volcanic valleys and canyons on this epic week-long adventure.

Get lost In Thorsmork
Hiking Þórsmörk, Fimmvörðuháls &  Þríhyrningur - 3 Days

Follow the Þórsmörk, Fimmvörðuháls, and Þríhyrningur hiking and biking routes through stunning valleys, along exposed ridges, and across gravelly rivers. Trek next to the powerful Eyjafjallajokull volcano, which caused international air traffic mayhem when it erupted in 2010. Visit the isolated Troll Church, a speck of white architecture in a landscape of fire and ice. These day hikes are designed to take you through incredible scenery and give you a varied experience of Iceland's dramatic landscape.

Hiking in Thorsmork - 2 Days

Explore Thorsmork, the valley of the mighty Thor. Cross rugged terrain in a Super Jeep and hike in the remote wilderness of southern Iceland on this 2-day itinerary. Discover ice-capped volcanoes, deep canyons, and stunning black sand beaches — all while breathing in the fresh mountain air on this adventure tour.

Guide to Hiking Glymur Falls

The trail to the majestic Glymur Waterfall offers all kinds of challenges - but the stunning views from the top are well worth the adventure. Get to the trailhead prepared for your exhilarating day of hiking with this detailed trail description and other helpful tips.

The colorful volcanic mountains at Landmannalaugar.
Hiking in the Highlands: Iceland's Volcanic Trails

Get off the beaten track and discover Iceland’s otherworldly volcanic landscape on a multi-day hike in the country’s less traveled Highlands region. Choose one of these 3 trekking itineraries and experience everything the storied Volcanic Trails have to offer: lava fields, mountains, and so much more.

A view below Dettifoss waterfall leading to Asbyrgi Canyon (photo by Chris McCarty)
Hiking & Touring in Jokulsargljufur National Park

Just a few hours’ drive from Akureyri, the northeast of Iceland is a mix of curving highlands, dramatic canyons and bubbling mud pits. One of the best locations is Jokulsargljufur National Park, home to three forceful and elegant waterfalls, canyons and craters.

Six Great Day-Hikes in the Westfjords

Home to a rugged landscape and trails for every type of hiker, the Westfjords region provides a perfect backdrop for exploring Iceland on foot. Marvel at geysers, have a picnic on the shores of a scenic bay, and take in the mountain peaks as you make your way through one of the country's most beautiful trekking areas.

Guide to Landmannalaugar: Where to Hike, Stay, and Play

Landmannalaugar is a geothermal wonderland in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve, home to lava fields, hot pools, and steam puffs that rise from the earth. Hike among vibrantly hued mountains and explore highlands dotted with glaciers, black sand beaches, geysers, and waterfalls. Stunning and remote, this area is a perfect representation of all the Icelandic landscape has to offer.

Guide to Hornstrandir Nature Preserve - Remote Wilderness in Northwest Iceland

The Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is a remote wilderness in the northwest claw of Iceland’s West Fjords. A wild gem of green slopes, snow-capped glacier peninsulas, and slate-blue bays, Hornstrandir is largely uninhabited and accessible only in during summer by daily ferry. It’s precisely these features that make it one of the best-preserved parts of Iceland--nothing for miles except green valleys, tufts of dandelions and Angelica, and pebbled shores. If you’re lucky, you may just spot a flying goose or an Arctic fox.

Guide to Thorsmork - "Thor's Valley", Home to Some of Iceland's Most Striking Landscapes

Thorsmork is a mountain range nestled between major glaciers Tindfjallajökull, Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull. The ridge, named “Thor’s Valley” in Icelandic, is a dramatic landscape of towering peaks, glacier rivers, and black deserts. Craggy mountains and ice-topped peaks slope down to lush birch forests and mossy gulches. Luckily for visitors, it’s also home to some Iceland’s most beautiful hiking routes.

Best Day Hikes in Iceland

In a wilderness as wild and dramatic as Iceland’s, you’re sure to find countless opportunities for long day hikes. Here's a list of the best day hikes, ideal for a day’s adventure from your road trip around the Ring Road, or from a base camp in the highlands.

Iceland’s Best Hiking Regions

As Iceland’s popularity grows, tourists have discovered what locals have always known: the sparsely populated country is a nirvana for hikers. With miles of trails dotted with geological wonders—flowing waterfalls, sawtooth mountains, massive glaciers, steaming fumaroles, and lupine-studded valleys, to name a few—its surreal landscape is best explored on foot. Here are some of the best areas for hiking in Iceland.

Hikers in Landmannalaugar
The Best Multi-Day Treks in Iceland

Iceland is a world-class hiking destination. Its colored mountains, green valleys, and windswept cliffs provide the perfect setting for epic multi-day hikes. Since most Icelanders live in and around Reykjavik, and most travelers stay close to the roads, the rest of the sparsely populated country offers plenty of room to roam. These multi-day treks cover some of the most beautiful places in Iceland.

The Green Cliffs of Hornstrandir Nature Preserve (photo by Borea Adventures)
Best Panoramic Hikes around Ísafjörður: Calm Fjords and Untouched Nature

Isafjordur is home to some of the best hiking areas in all of Iceland. Whether you’re looking for short hikes with jaw-dropping views, day trips to remote areas, or multi-day backpacking treks where you can camp out away from it all, the heart of the Westfjords has it all. Here are a few hikes to that will really make your time in the Westfjords memorable.

Glymur falls, Iceland's tallest waterfall (photo by Chris McCarty)
Best Waterfall Hikes in Iceland

Iceland is home to many incredible waterfalls, with several just off the main tourist roads. While this makes for easy access, it also means lots of people crowding around all trying to take the same photo. With a little extra time, you can leave the crowds behind and hit the trail to explore some of Iceland’s hidden wonders on your own.

Entering Goðaland (the "Land of Gods") during the descent to Thórsmörk
Fimmvörðuháls Hike - The Ultimate Guide to one of Iceland's Best Day Hikes

If you’re looking for a great one-day hike that combines the best of Iceland into a single trek, this is it. The Fimmvörðuháls trail takes you through some of the most dramatic scenery Iceland has to offer, from a series of canyon waterfalls to a volcanic moonscape. Keep in mind, this day-hike is as long as it is rewarding.