Peru Tours and Itineraries

The exotic fruits of Lima's markets
Flavor and Luxury in Peru - 10 Days

Embark on a private, 10-day food and luxury tour of Peru, and discover what makes it the ultimate culinary destination. Explore Lima, home to some of the world's best restaurants. Delight in fine dining, browse markets, sample local fare and learn culinary techniques from leading chefs. Taste an incredible variety of ingredients from the coast to the jungle, and enjoy the country’s impressive scenery — including Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.

Paragliding over the plush neighborhood of Miraflores in Lima
The Perfect Day in Lima

Lima offers history, world-class museums, an unbeatable foodie scene, and the second-largest cityscape in South America. Not sure where to start? To the rescue: a foolproof plan for a perfect day in the Peruvian capital.

Friendly greeting from a Manu local!
Manu Adventure - 8 Days

Down in the Amazon basin, off the edge of the tourist map, lies Manu — arguably the most biodiverse area in the world. Trek off the beaten track and into the land of tapirs, parrots, and jungle rivers — a place without luxury hotels, hot showers, or 24/7 WiFi.

Spectacular Huchuy Qosqo is accessible only by foot
Huchuy Qosqo & Machu Picchu - 6 Days

Hike to ancient, off-the-beaten-track Incan sites, trek through breathtaking high-Andes mountain scenery, stay overnight with a charismatic local family, and eventually find yourself among the famous, mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu! Perfect for the adventurous traveler, this tour squeezes a taste of everything into a short, sweet itinerary.

Alpamayo Summit
Peru: Snow & Ice Climbing on Alpamayo - 19 Days

Discover Peru's Cordillera Blanca as you trek, climb, and scramble over snow- and ice-covered moraine rock into the high altitudes of the Andes. Not for the faint of heart, this 19-day itinerary is for the somewhat experienced climber and altogether adventurous spirit. This program includes acclimatization hikes and a basic climbing course to practice the skills required to reach the summit of Alpamayo. It's also an excellent trip for photography lovers — the views are simply breathtaking!

The Inca trail leads to the ruins of Machu Picchu
Inca Trail to Huchuy Qosqo & Llactapata with Machu Picchu - 10 Days

Follow in the footsteps of the Incas as you hike an ancient trail and explore meticulously preserved ruins with this 10-day itinerary. Relax in mineral hot springs and learn traditional coffee roasting techniques with experts at an organic farm. Afterward, lose track of time exploring the narrow, winding streets of Cusco—the historic capital of the Incan Empire.

Stone mask on the ancient temple at Chavin de Huantar
10 Days in Peru: 5 Suggested Itineraries

With 10 days in Peru, you can explore several regions by taking internal flights or get to know one region in more depth. The highlights of the Cusco and Machu Picchu region can easily be combined with Lake Titicaca or the Amazon jungle. Alternatively, head north to enjoy lesser-known archaeological highlights, spectacular treks and beaches. Another very popular route is to travel south into the desert, then up through the canyons to the high Andean plains. Here are five different itineraries to help you make the most of your trip.

Terraces in the Sacred Valley.
Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu - 6 Days

On this tour, you'll explore the ancient streets of Cusco, then head to the Sacred Valley to shop for handicrafts in historic Pisac and go to a traditional garment workshop and hike to the amazing salt pans produced by the Incas. Top it all off by spending a day exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Colorful Carnival in Puno, Peru
How Many Days Should You Spend in Peru?

No matter how much time you have in Peru, whether it's just a few days or a few weeks, this country can offer some unforgettable experiences. With just three or four days and good planning, it's even possible to visit the national highlights of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. With a week or more the experiences just get better, allowing you time for historic cities and off-the-beaten-path adventures. Use this guide to help you make the most of your visit.

The vast expanse of the Sacred Valley
2 Weeks in Peru: 4 Suggested Itineraries

Peru is home to South America’s biggest draw – the ruins of Machu Picchu. While the Inca citadel is undoubtedly a highlight of any trip to the country, Peru offers a lot more: lush swathes of Amazon jungle, white-sand beaches, majestic colonial towns, snow-capped mountain ranges and ancient sites. Whatever you want to do, these are the perfect itineraries to suit any taste.

Llamas graze in the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu © Kiki Deere
Peru Classic Tour with Jungle Trail - 15 Days

Experience the best Peru has to offer in just over two weeks with this exciting itinerary that takes in the very best the country has to offer. From freewheeling into the jungle to visiting ancient Inca ruins and remote islands on Lake Titicaca, this tour takes you to Peru’s most exciting destinations where you will delve into local culture, age-old customs, and traditions.

Biking trail in the Andes
Multi-Activity Adventure En Route to Machu Picchu - 9 Days

Beyond Machu Picchu, where the Andes slope off into the Amazon, lies the forgotten region of Concepción. Little penetrated by foreign tourists, it is a multisport playground for adventurous travelers. If you're prepared to rough it a little, you'll be richly rewarded with biking, hiking, ziplining, swimming in rivers, waterfalls and jungle water parks, and the best rafting in Peru!

Traveling - experiences and encounters
Discover Northern Peru: A Journey For The Senses - 14 Days

This 14-day trip will take you to the best cities and historic places of interest on the north coast of Peru. From the fascinating archaeological sites around Trujillo and Cumbemayo, to visits with local woodcarvers and environmentalists, you'll get an in-depth experience with this little-visited area. Along the way, you'll hike to one of the world’s highest waterfalls, make some cocktails, visit superb museums, and sample delicious local cuisine.

Cusco Plaza de Armas
One Week in Peru: 5 Great Itineraries

With one week in Peru you can explore one region in detail or take internal flights to enjoy the highlights of two regions. Southern Peru has an incredible diversity of landscapes, while the north boasts archaeological sites that rival Machu Picchu. The popular Cusco region is perfect for sightseers and trekkers alike, and the jungle is accessible enough to combine with a trip to the highlands.

Lake Titicaca and the "floating islands" made from reeds.
Explore Peru and Bolivia - 11 Days

Combine the Andean highlights of two diverse countries on this 11-day tour. Explore the Inca sites of Peru, including Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Then travel south by train through high Andean plains to spectacular Lake Titicaca, and cross into Bolivia to the unworldly Valley of the Moon, before exploring two contrasting capital cities: La Paz and Lima.

View of the ancient ruins of Kuélap
Northern Peru Adventure: Lima to Iquitos - 17 Days

This adventure takes you through the less-visited corners of Peru. Along the way, you will connect with the history of pre-Columbian civilizations in remote archeological sites, pass through wild jungle in the Amazon Basin, and unite with the authentic spirit of the Andes in small villages.

Aerial View of the Tambopata Jungle
Peruvian Amazon Jungle - On a Budget - 7 Days

This foray into the Peruvian Amazon basin offers a wide variety of activities over five days. In addition to exploration of the jungle and its extraordinary plant and animal life, you'll encounter local communities and farms, learning the traditional ways of the indigenous people who call this land their home.

Tambopata Rio as the sun sets.
Southern Peru: Amazon Jungle - Rafting Expedition - 11 Days

This adventurous 11-day trip has all the ingredients of a legendary and enduring journey. The itinerary starts out with a drive over a 15,000 ft. pass, and then continues down the Tambopata River, running class IV rapids and camping out each night. Excellent opportunities for spotting wildlife comes with the territory in this remote section of the Amazon jungle.

Amazon Jungle Basin
Peru: Amazon Jungle - Huitoto Lake - 5 to 7 Days

Located deep in the Amazon, the area of Huitoto Lake, is one of the most biodiverse regions in Peru. Starting and ending in Peru's exciting capital, you'll experience this remote outpost that is home to spot monkeys, alligators, toucans, tapirs and more. At night, listen to the deafening cacophony of the jungle. The pristine nature and extraordinary plant and animal life can be enjoyed over 5 to 7 days.

Trujillo, Peru
Discover the North Coast Cultures of Peru - 9 Days

An itinerary exploring the unique cultures of North Coast of Peru, with a visit to Trujillo, Chiclayo, and Chimbote for some of the finest cultural spots in the North of Peru. A great 9-day trip for seeing the ancient cultures of this unique and vast region.

A view across Lake Titicaca
Classic Southern Peru - 15 Days

Experience the ultimate introduction to Peru in just over two weeks with this active itinerary that includes options for both hiking and biking. From Inca ruins to quaint villages, bustling streets to serene landscapes, this journey across the Andes will include all the main destinations that highlight Peru's unique culture and history.

Cycle through incredible scenery from one Inca ruin to another: one of the world's best days in the outdoors!
Inca Classic: Moray, Chinchero and Salineras By Bike - Day Tour

This day trip offers active travelers of any ability the chance to cycle along ancient trails once used by the Incas. The ride includes three spectacular Inca terraces, joined together by roads that meander over the central cordillera of the Andes: it's the perfect blend of culture, fitness and history.

The historic site of Moray, where the Incas experimented in crop production.
Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu: Jungle Adventure - 7 Days

This 7-day adventure is perfect for those planning to visit the top two sights in Peru – Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. In addition to these unforgettable highlights, this itinerary will take a detour over some stunning Andean scenery, from icy peaks to steamy jungle. Along the way, enjoy a dip in hot springs, a visit to a coffee cooperative and shopping in traditional Andean markets.

Sacred Valley Hiking and Homestay - 9 Days

Explore Southern Peru's most famous region through a uniquely immersive local experience. This tour will allow you to experience the trails, traditions, and daily lives of subsistence farmers while still making time for the more well-known highlights of the Sacred Valley.

Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu By Bike - 8 Days

In the span of just over a week, bike across Peru's most famous region and see the Sacred Valley from a different perspective. This itinerary uncovers both the natural beauty of Southern Peru as well as the historical legacy of the Incas.

Cloud Forest in the Amazon Jungle
The Amazon & Inca Trail - 12 Days

A great 12-day tour that incorporates the best of Peru. In under two weeks, you'll explore the Amazon Jungle and trek to the heights of Machu Picchu. You'll experience the best of both worlds — from the jungle to the Andes.

The Vilcanota & Urubamba Ridges of Cusco
Cusco Ridges - 8 Days

An active tour of the important mountain ranges around the Cusco Region: the Urubamba & Vilcanota. This is the perfect 8-day itinerary for those who enjoy adventure and want to have an authentic Andean experience in the mountains.

Valley under the stars
The Fascinating Valley - 9 Days

A stunning tour which includes the best of the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. See the most important Inca ruins in this activity-filled itinerary. This is the best way to experience the Cusco Region in our opinion!

Inca Trail & Ausangate Trek - 14 Days

Discover three of Peru's top destinations: Cusco, the Inca Trail, and Ausangate, in this comprehensive, unforgettable tour. Wander through cobblestone streets, mountain trails, and lush forests to experience the best sights the region has to offer. From Incan ruins to the highest Andean peaks, this tour gives a taste of both Peru's rich history and breathtaking scenery.

View on the river in Chazuta
Northern Peru: Jungle To The Andes - 9 Days

This 9-day tour through northern Peru will not only show you the culinary side of Peru, but also a range of natural highlights. You will visit the major attractions in the Amazonas region, such as the fortress of Kuelap, also called the “Machu Picchu of the North”, and Gocta, one of the 10 highest waterfalls in the world.

Apurimac Canyon
Inca Legends - Full-Day Mountain Biking Tour

A full-day mountain biking ride on the outskirts of Cusco. Enjoy panoramic views of the Andes and ride past Llamas and Alpacas as you descend into the upper cloud forest and lush waterfalls of the Apurimac River Valley. It's a short, perfect day of Andean biking!

Photo by Steve Wilson
Peru Family Tour - 13 Days

This 13-day family adventure includes all the top, must-see highlights of Peru. From the Andes to the Amazon, the itinerary is specifically designed to satisfy and accommodate both children and adults.

Sacred Valley Adventure Tour - 6 Days

If you're looking to combine some adventure with a tour of Machu Picchu at the end, consider this three-day itinerary. The Sacred Valley is a hotbed of great day adventures, given its steep terrain along the Urubamba river and dramatic scenery. Choose from a selection of activities — from zip-lining, ATVing, single-track mountain biking or paddle-boarding before your visit to Peru's most famous ruins.

Looking down on the city of Cusco
Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Tour - 7 Days

This 7-day itinerary offers a great balance of exploring Cusco and the Sacred Valley, while including a private tour of Machu Picchu. Choose from a selection of great adventures — mountain biking, horseback riding or zip-lining — and spend a night in the beautiful local village of Ollantaytambo.

Kuelap fortress
Chachapoyas: Peru’s Best Kept Secret - 9 Days

Off the beaten track, Chachapoyas can be described as real ‘Indiana Jones’ territory. Located in northern Peru, at the juncture between the Amazon rainforest, the Andes Mountains and the Pacific coast, this is a mystical and wonderful place, deep in the cloud forest.

Rooftop garden in Cusco
Sacred Valley Cuisine Tour - 6 Days

With Peruvian cuisine on the rise worldwide, here’s a unique tour that introduces you to Cusco and the Sacred Valley through the best cuisine and restaurants that the region has to offer. You also experience the Peruvian culture of cooking with fresh local ingredients in a hands-on cooking class.

Amazon rainforest
Experience the Peruvian Amazon - 4 Days

Venture into the Amazon, a jewel of stunning biodiversity in South America. Travel by boat to see a wide variety of colorful wildlife, along with a visit to the Tambopata Research Center. Away from the crowds, you’ll be able to spend days in observing the flora, fauna, and wildlife.

Sunrise over Lake Titicaca
Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca Kayaking Adventure - 9 Days

Head to the Inca capital of Cusco to explore the colorful textile markets and small towns of the Sacred Valley. Spend a day exploring the ancient Machu Picchu ruins. Then, travel to Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is one of the truly iconic destinations of South America, on par with the Amazon, Iguazu Falls, and the Galapagos. Situated in the heart of the Andes, Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and universally touted as the highest navigable lake in the world.