A Free Evening in Sorrento

Embrace the beloved Italian tradition of passeggiata in Sorrento, a leisurely evening walk that takes place all over the country. From small villages to big cities, Italians take to the streets to socialize and stroll after work. It’s the best time of day to experience local life and enjoy an Aperitivo as the sun sets over Sorrento. This walking route begins at the heart of the historic city center in Piazza Tasso and takes you along the waterfront until you reach Marina Grande

During the evening, Sorrento is a little quieter and cooler; therefore, it’s a great time to explore some shops as they can stay open as late as 9 PM. Corso Italia is the main street in the center and where you’ll find many well-known shops, but if you’re looking for smaller boutiques, walk along Via San Cesareo. There you’ll find craft shops and jewelers, and you can even taste locally-made limoncello!

A highlight of an evening in Sorrento is strolling along the coast between the two main ports, Marina Piccolo and Marina Grande. You’ll pass the public gardens, a monastery, and several excellent spots for an Aperitivo on an open terrace as the sun starts to set. Marina Grande is where local fishers live and work, so it’s a beautiful place to enjoy dinner. In the south of Italy, the pace of life is relaxed, and locals eat dinner late, so don’t be surprised if you see families sitting in restaurants until nearly midnight! 

Suggested Points of Interest:
  • Instead of a classic Aperitivo, you might want to try a drink made with the famous "Sorrento oval." This special variety of grapefruit-sized lemon influences the locally made Limoncello distinctive sweet and acidic flavors. The lemon variety grown in Amalfi, the sfusato Amalfitano, is excellent for making this popular after-dinner drink. 

  • Piazza Sant'Antonio is home to a statue of the patron saint of Sorrento, with the Basilica Sant'Antonino sitting opposite.

  • Around the Cloister of San Francesco is the Villa Communale public park. Here you have panoramic views around the coastline and a lift that takes you down to the beach and lively beach clubs.

  • At the end of Marina Grande is an ancient gate dated back to the 4th or 5th century BCE. The Greeks built it, and much of the southern Italian coast is influenced by Greek history.
Tips for Dinner:
  • Gnocchi alla Sorrentina is a classic dish with just a handful of ingredients: homemade potato gnocchi, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil. You’ll find it on most menus around this coastline.

  • Treccia is famous on the Sorrentine Peninsula, so you’ll want to make a point to try this cows-milk mozzarella that’s twisted to resemble a thick braid. It makes an excellent appetizer.

  • Fresh seafood abounds in Amalfi. Choose the catch of the day or try Spaghetti alle Vongole, made with local vongole verace clams.
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