Acropolis & Plaka Neighborhood Tour in Athens

Plaka streets
Explore two of Athens' 'must-see' attractions with a tour of The Acropolis and the Plaka neighborhood. As the city's most iconic landmark, you'll discover the once-powerful Ancient Greek civilization that flourished here thousands of years ago. Your guide will give you an insider view of the buildings and monuments atop Acropolis Hill and throughout one of the most beloved city districts.

You'll start with the Acropolis, an ancient UNESCO World Heritage Site, learning about the 5th-century BCE ruins of the rocky hilltop to make sense of what the city once looked like. Your guide will share stories of the country's history, culture, and mythology and lead you to important monuments, such as the Propylaea with the Temple of Athena Nike next to it. At the iconic Parthenon, you'll learn more about Athena, Athens' patron goddess and the protector of the city. Then, keep walking and discover the sacred Temple of Erechtheion.

When finished at the Acropolis, you'll make your way into the historic Plaka neighborhood. Many describe Plaka as its own village, with humble stoned streets lined with artisan shops, trendy cafes, and even an alfresco movie theater. Your guide will divulge stories, and historical facts about the famed districts as you explore authentic corners and charming streets.

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Itineraries with Acropolis & Plaka Neighborhood Tour in Athens

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