Athens Highlights Tour

Propylaea, entrance to the Acropolis
Get the most out of your time in Athens by exploring the city's 'must-see' attractions and sites. As your guide takes you around Athens, you'll watch its history unfold before your eyes. 

You'll start with a tour of Athens' main attraction, the beautiful and historical Acropolis. As you wander through the ruins and learn more about Ancient Athens, enjoy the mythical stories of Greece's great gods and heroes. Follow your guide through all the key monuments, including the Propylaea, Temple of Nike AthenaErechtheion, and Parthenon, before moving onto the New Acropolis Museum.

After viewing over 4,000 artifacts at the museum, take a stroll through the city's historic Plaka neighborhood. Many describe this district as its own village, with cobbled streets lined with artisan shops and cafes. Learn about the history of this neighborhood and how it plays into Athens' modern scene.

Then, head over to the Ancient Agora, a popular plaza that served many purposes. The plaza was where political and philosophical discussions occurred in the 6th Century BCE. It also housed a place of worship, a market, and an entertainment venue. 

Your exploration of Athens ends in the Thisseio area, where a private vehicle will take you through the rest of the city to admire other important landmarks. You'll pass by places like Syntagma (where you'll see the changing of the guards), Lycabettus Hill, the Temple of Zeus, the Panathenaic Stadium, and Zappeion.

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