Athens Street Art Tour

Touring the Street Art of Athens
Discover why Athens is a street artist’s paradise. You'll examine all different methods, including tagging, bombing, stencil, and painting, and learn about some of the city's 2,000+ street artists. From iconic images beloved by Athenians to controversial pieces, you'll explore the city's iconic street art scene, its history, and the greatest players.

Your local street artist will show you some of the most interesting pieces in unusual places. Some neighborhoods support and showcase art more than others, but each district has its own style. You'll experience everything from authentic grit in abandoned industrial spaces to formal techniques in exhibition centers. Your guide will help you understand how each artist and each piece relates to Athens' current social and economic situation.

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Itineraries with Athens Street Art Tour

Authentic Athens & Historical Greece - 8 Days

Athens was made for strolling, as you'll find out in this itinerary. The neighborhoods of Monastiraki, Syntagma, Plaka, and Makrygianni hide petite pedestrian streets and neoclassical homes overflowing with floral balconies. You'll see street art with an artist, be schooled by a chef, and take a sunset visit to the Temple of Poseidon. Step back into history with day trips to Delphi and Mycenae before departing.

Mainland Greece Adventure Trip - 20 Days

Delve into Greece's culture and history with this 20-day adventure around the mainland. Discover Athens by bicycle, and learn about classical mythology and modern art along the way, before hiking in the mountains of Meteora and the villages of Zagori. Tackle some rapids and take a dip in the turquoise waters of the Peloponnese. Then head to Nafplio, where more hiking, biking, and some cheese-making await!