Athens Wine & Meze Tasting in Koukaki Neighborhood

Photo from Alternative Athens
Greece's winemaking tradition goes back thousands of years, and this tour helps you explore this fundamental element of authentic Greek culture. A local wine and food expert will walk you through its history, cultural importance, and different methods so you can taste the best that the country has to offer. Enjoy tasting four grape varieties with delicious meze snacks in the foodie Koukaki neighborhood.

You'll join your experienced sommelier at an intimate wine bar in Athens. You'll sample whites and reds, all of which use 100% Greek grapes and are local to the wine-growing areas near the city. To start, catch up with a brief history lesson about Greek winemaking. Then you'll dive into the foodie scene and learn about the different influences within Greek gastronomy.

As you begin your tasting, you’ll discover the different winemaking regions and wineries of Greece. Your guide will give local insight into what makes each of them unique and why they carry the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) labels. Learn about how the locals work hard to conserve the great traditions of Greek wines and cuisine.