Classic Bologna Food Tour

Discover the city of Bologna with your taste buds on a food tour. Enjoy some of the best coffee in Italy, explore a vibrant food market, meet food masters at work, and indulge in the classic Italian tastes and flavors like a local! Your guide will carefully select each stopping point, focusing on the historical significance and exceptional gastronomy beloved by locals and specialists.

You’ll start your day with a gourmet espresso made by Alessandro, known as the best barista in Bologna.​ Relax with your java and learn why Italy is so famous for its coffee. Continue to Quadrilatero and Mercato delle Erbe, the foodie heart of the city. ​You’ll shop as the locals do, wandering through different stalls and family stores. Stop to chat with the old ladies, masters of pasta, and watch how they make their famous tortellini, tortelloni, and tagliatelle.

Tutti a tavola! “Let’s sit all at the table!” It’s time to enjoy the delicious flavors of Bologna with lunch at the oldest osteria in Italy. Taste dishes like pasta with bolognese ragù and traditional cured meats, such as mortadella and salame rosa. Pair your bites with Parmigiano Reggiano and other local cheeses, plus the famous balsamic vinegar of Modena. As you eat, relax and chat with fellow foodies, discuss the tastes of the day, and sip a glass of Pignoletto, Sangiovese, or Lambrusco wine.

No lunch in Italy ends without a sweet treat! Aside from its savory delicacies, Bologna is also the city of gelato. You’ll make your way to a special gelateria and learn the secrets behind its taste, creamy texture, and how it differs from typical ice cream. ​Warning: it’ll be challenging to find pistachio gelato as good as in Bologna!

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