Coffee & Sloths at Toucan Rescue Ranch in San José


Just a 30-minute drive from downtown San José, the Toucan Rescue Ranch offers a unique opportunity to escape the fast-paced city and encounter Costa Rica's fascinating wildlife. Upon arrival at the center, you'll spend a few hours enjoying adorable sloths and delicious coffee on this two-for-one guided walk. Sip some delicious brew made from the sanctuary's partners at Cafe Britt while watching young sloths enjoy their morning exercise, breakfast, and sometimes even a bathroom break (a once-a-day activity for most sloths). 

This educational walk is an opportunity for sloth lovers to get close to their favorite animal. You'll learn all about the history and mission of the rescue center from your guide, and even meet some of the dozens of other animal species that are taken to and rehabilitated at the center.

Costa Rican coffee is great, but nothing beats enjoying it with a cuddly sloth!

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