National Theater of Costa Rica

San José City Tour


Although travelers visit Costa Rica for its wildlife and outdoor recreation, the country's capital city is worth a bit of exploration. Even if you only have 24 hours in San José, you can see a surprising amount of the city.

Start on the east side of San José and stop to admire landmarks, such as the Democracy Place, the National Museum, the Courts, the San Pedro Mall, the Hispanidad Fountain, and the Rodrigo Facio Campus at the University of Costa Rica. You can also peruse one of the most beloved neighborhoods in the capital, Los Yoses.

To dig a bit deeper into San José and Costa Rica's history and culture, consider guided tours through a couple of sites. The impressive Pre-Columbian Gold Museum and the beautiful National Theater come highly recommended.

Next, continue to the western section of the city, where you'll find popular sites, including La Sabana Metropolitan Park, the Costa Rican Contemporary Art Museum, the National Gymnasium, Rohrmoser Boulevard, and the Pavas neighborhood, plus much more. Along the way, you can stop to visit lively markets and learn more about the history and local residents of the city.

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Itineraries with San José City Tour

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This packed 16-day Costa Rica getaway combines the best locales and activities in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You'll begin in the historic city of San José, continue to Caribbean beaches, and live like a local at indigenous communities and cattle ranches. You'll also visit some of the nation's most stunning national parks including Tortuguero, Arenal, and Rincón de la Vieja.

Beaches, Rainforests & Cultural Exchange in Costa Rica - 11 Days

Costa Rica is famous for its Pacific coast, but this 11-day itinerary focuses on the equally beautiful Caribbean side. You'll visit the surf town of Puerto Viejo and visit an indigenous village. To cap off the adventure, you'll visit the national parks of Arenal and Rincón de la Vieja, where you can view exotic wildlife, waterfalls, and experience the local culture.

Costa Rica Nature Parks and Cultural Immersion - 12 Days

Costa Rica is filled with beautiful Caribbean beaches and national parks abounding with towering volcanoes, plunging waterfalls, and exotic wildlife. On a 12-day tour of Costa Rica you'll not only experience these highlights but you'll unforgettable experiences with the local culture. These include day trips to indigenous villages as well as working cattle and horse ranches.

Costa Rica Culture on the Coast & Arenal - 14 Days

This comprehensive 14-day excursion combines some of the major highlights of Costa Rica with some less-visited gems. It begins in the culturally rich capital of San José and continues to the Caribbean coast, where you'll visit an indigenous village as well as Tortuguero, a nesting spot for sea turtles. The tour culminates in the national parks of Arenal and Rincón de la Vieja, where you'll spend a day on a working cattle ranch.

Cultural Tour of Costa Rica: Arenal & Tortuguero - 13 Days

In just under two weeks you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime as you visit Costa Rica's most stunning locales. You'll travel along the Caribbean coast, from surf villages in the south to the turtle nesting site of Tortuguero in the north. Then it's off to the national parks of Arenal and Ricón de la Vieja, famous for towering volcanoes, cascading waterfalls, and natural hot springs.