Discover Córdoba's beautiful patios

Courtyards of Córdoba Visit, Córdoba

Discover and visit the unique traditions of Córdoba's flower-filled patios and why there's an annual festival.


Córdoba's famous patios (courtyards) are always worth a visit, though they come alive during the month of May when the city hosts its Fiesta de los Patios. But even if you're visiting outside of May, you can still enjoy these beautiful spaces (and don't have to battle the crowds!). This tour takes you through the city's historic Old Town, particularly its picturesque Jewish Quarter. These narrow streets are home to hundreds of decorated courtyards. Your guide will lead you to the most beautiful patios while sharing their history and why the city celebrates them yearly.


  • Stroll through Córdoba's picturesque Old Town streets
  • Stop to explore hidden patios decorated with flowers, fountains, and sculptures
  • Learn why the city hosts a festival celebrating these courtyards each year
  • Admire these unique UNESCO-honored spaces with the help of a professional guide

Know before you go

2 hours
Recommended for
All ages
Small group

What you'll do

Every spring, Córdoba celebrates its famous courtyards with a festival and competition. During this time, participants open their patios to the public, but not everyone knows you can still enjoy these unique spaces throughout the year—and without the crowds. With the help of a local guide, you'll walk through the city's historic streets, stopping at several buildings where you'll have access to decorated courtyards.

As you walk and admire the patios, learn why this tradition is one of the city's most important expressions of cultural significance. Though these buildings typically have only one door, the large central courtyard exposes their history as homes to numerous people and families. This open structure dates back to the Roman era, which was later mimicked in the Islamic period and became an essential housing strategy after the Industrial Revolution. Those living in the countryside flocked to the area's capital cities (including Córdoba) en masse. These cities found a housing solution for this sudden population growth by sharing spaces within the same house, resulting in the sense of coexistence and generosity.

With numerous families contributing to one shared space, these courtyards became a place of expression and relaxation. Gradually, residents added fountains, sculptures, and plants. Eventually, these patios transformed into elaborate gardens with colorful plants and flowers adorning the flowers and walls. Thus, each patio has a distinctive story to tell, one reflecting the families that likely lived inside the same building for generations, and your guide will share them with you. 

With such a unique history, you might not be surprised that UNESCO declared Córdoba's patios Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2012. Today, travelers from all over the globe travel to the city to admire these special and historical spaces.