Córdoba's Roman Bridge at dusk

Historical Stroll at Sunset, Córdoba

Explore Córdoba with a local guide at dusk as the city's monuments, like Puente Romano and the Mezquita, light up.


Córdoba is a beautiful city by day, but once its monuments like Puente Romano and the Mezquita light up, the city takes on a different look. You'll start at sunset, as the sky darkens and transitions to colorful hues, strolling through some of the most emblematic sites and streets of Córdoba, including Calleja de las Flores and Plaza del Potro. By the time the city lights start to glow, you'll position yourself at Puente Romano for the perfect view and photo spot. End your evening under the lights of the Mosque-Cathedral.


  • Stroll through some of the most historic streets of Córdoba
  • Learn about historical sites, monuments, and squares
  • Watch the sunset and city lights glow on Puente Romano
  • Walk along the beautiful Guadalquivir Riverbank

Know before you go

2 hours
Recommended for
All ages
Small group

What you'll do

Enjoy Córdoba's historic core and unique skyline in the evening when the sky changes colors and the city starts to glow. You'll walk through the city's Old Town, navigating some of the most symbolic streets, stopping at monuments, gates, and unique sites, like the Casa de las Cabezas and the Guadalquivir River.

Your itinerary starts in the Jewish Quarter, where you'll visit the most famous streets in the city, including Calleja de las Flores, where you'll get that iconic scene of flowers in colorful pots hanging from white-washed walls. Calleja del Pañuelo is another favorite, a narrow dead-end Moorish-style street with a quiet square and fountain. And if you've never heard the story of Casa de las Cabezas (House of the Heads), you'll have to stop at its facade and peek down the neighboring alley along Calle Cabezas.

Other sites include the historic archway Arco del Portillo, the Renaissance-style fountain at Plaza del Porto, and the 15th-century castle, Marqueses del Carpio's Palace. By now, the sky is starting to turn colors, so you'll make your way along the scenic Guadalquivir River to Puente Romano, a bridge built in the 1st century BCE. From here, you'll get iconic views of Córdoba at sunset and as the monuments light up. This is the spot if you've ever seen a photo of the city at dusk with its bridge and Mezquita Catedral!

End the evening by sitting on the terrace and under the glow of the Mosque-Cathedral, where you'll bid your guide farewell. Please keep in mind that the tour doesn't include entrance to these monuments, just views of their exterior and stories of their past.

Start times

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