Explore Aegina & Aphaea Temple

Temple on Aegina
Discover Aegina, an island undisturbed by mass tourism in the scenic Saronic Gulf. This day trip includes a tour of the island's cultural hotspots with visits to the Kapralos Sculpture Museum and the Temple of Aphaea. You'll also relax on a quiet beach and discover the local culture with the islanders. 

After a quick ferry ride, you'll arrive in Aegina Town. Enjoy walking around its historic core, filled with elegant Neoclassical buildings, artisan shops with local products, intricate lacework, art galleries, and lively taverns. With your guide, you'll pop into one of the traditional houses to enjoy a Greek coffee or lemonade and a pastry. 

Your next stop is the modern Sculpture Museum, where you can enjoy views of the island and explore Ancient Greek mythology and art. According to a myth, Zeus named Aegina after the daughter of the river god Asopos. Zeus fell in love with her and took her to the island! After learning about some of the island's mythology, head to the ruins of the medieval capital, Paleochora, which once housed over 300 churches.

Next, explore the Temple of Aphaea. This historic site dates back to 500 BCE and forms an equilateral triangle with the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon, the “holy triangle” of antiquity. Enjoy the views at the temple as you gaze out into the sea and back over the island. 

After a busy day, take some time to swim and relax at one of the island's famous beaches. Then, if you're feeling hungry, opt for a traditional meal at a seaside tavern for lunch. When finished, you'll head back to the port and wander the colorful side streets, tasting Aegina's famous pistachios!

End the trip by joining a group of local women for a cultural experience. You can either try your hand at lace-making or learn a traditional Greek folk dance. Then, as you head back to Athens, enjoy views of the sun setting into the sea.

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