Evening Food & Wine Tour in Sorrento

Wine displayed under stone arches
Discover Sorrento's renowned evening culture and explore the seaside town's culinary trends with a walking tour, a traditional Aperitivo, and a 5-course dinner. Join locals at buzzy outdoor terraces and in picturesque squares as you observe authentic ways of socializing. Enjoy this unique cultural experience and use what you learn for the rest of your stay!

Follow a local guide through the historical center of Sorrento as you discover the traditions behind the beloved Italian Aperitivo ritual. By exploring four authentic Italian eateries and beloved trattorias, you'll become part of the community. Your guide will divulge all the details about the culinary scene in Sorrento while you meet with restaurateurs and taste seven dishes typical to the region.

Eat like a local by enjoying signature recipes cooked with fresh, seasonal ingredients and sipping on acclaimed wines from the Campania Region. Be sure to bring a healthy appetite, as there’s a generous amount of food to try on this tour! Then, savor your tastes the Italian way —no rush and no bites on the go. Dinner in Italy is a cultural expression where you'll linger over five luscious courses, and nobody leaves the table without a dessert and a homemade limoncello!

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