Lake Garda from Monte Baldo

Explore Malcesine & Monte Baldo on Lake Garda, Lake Garda


Enjoy a day trip to the picturesque village of Malcesine. The best way to arrive is by boat, gliding across the water and absorbing the spectacular beauty of the lake and surrounding mountains. Malcesine is small but filled with exceptional local artisan and craft shops. The charming, colorful houses and cobblestone streets weave uphill from the fishing harbor of Malcesine up to Monte Baldo, the highest mountain around Lake Garda.

Embrace a unique experience that many visitors skip and take a cable car ride into the serene Alpine nature. Without a fixed schedule, you’re free to hike, bike, or just admire the views! When you're ready for a bite to eat, the local olives and lemons are particularly delicious. Malcesine makes great limoncello, an excellent way to raise a refreshing toast to a fun day!

Recommended Schedule: 
  1. Use the local ferry service to travel from where you're staying to Malcesine. This charming village is set on the northern side of Lake Garda and connects Riva del Garda to Desenzano del Garda. The journey can be quite long, but the scenery is beautiful! 

  2. Spend some time wandering the winding streets and enjoying a coffee or gelato before visiting the majestic Scaligero Castle. Locals know it as the sister of the castle in Sirmione. Soak in the romantic atmosphere of Malcesine and its castle, emanating from the beauty of the village itself and the spectacular views you'll encounter here and from the top of Monte Baldo.

  3. You can take a cable car to reach the peak of the mountain. The station is located on Via Navene Vecchia, up from the harbor. From there, you'll enjoy a peaceful ascent up the mountain. The cable car stops once at San Michele, where you can take a quick photo and change to a larger cabin for the final part of the journey. This cable car has a rotating floor to give all inside equally stunning 360-degree views. 

  4. Monte Baldo is great for trekking, paragliding, and biking. The area is known as the "Garden of Europe" with its excellent variety of botanical species and alpine flora. Surprisingly to many, there are 62 types of orchids growing on Monte Baldo!

  5. If you're interested in a more relaxing day, there are some short trails to walk, plus several mountain hut cafes and restaurants where you can sit and enjoy views of the lake. The food is slightly different from typical Italian cuisine, so trying some local dishes is interesting. 

  6. When you're ready to descend, take the cable car back down the mountain and enjoy the panoramic view over Lake Garda and the Alps once again.
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