Hike at Corcovado

Hike in Corcovado National Park


Starting at Agujitas Beach on Drake Bay, enjoy a dual adventure by boat and foot to explore an interesting and remote part of Corcovado National Park. The park, a spectacular swathe of rainforest and pristine coastline covering much of the Osa Peninsula, is home to many unique species, including the endangered giant anteater, harpy eagle, tapir, jaguar, and puma. 

Start your journey with a 30-minute boat trip south down the peninsula's western shore to the San Pedrillo Ranger Station, one of the park's checkpoints. Boats come in bow first, and you must splash the final feet to shore: an exciting experience reminiscent of what early explorers of this remote region would have done! The hiking takes place in the park's rainforest and along its shoreline and is quite easy. Enjoy walking in the dense forest, looking for wildlife, relaxing on the beautiful beach, and swimming in waterfall pools.

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Itineraries with Hike in Corcovado National Park

Osa Peninsula Luxury Jungle Adventure - 5 Days

The Osa Peninsula is located in one of the most remote areas of Costa Rica and is home to windswept beaches, virgin rainforest, and exotic wildlife. Over five days you'll alternate between a pampered holiday lifestyle, rugged jungle treks, and scuba-diving/beach adventures. It's the best way to enjoy this gem of biodiversity tucked away in the great tropical paradise that is Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Hiking Adventure - 10 Days

Checking off three key regions in Costa Rica, this 10-day itinerary is perfect for adventurous travelers. The trip starts with a visit to Costa Rica's famous Arenal Volcano for hiking and natural hot springs before continuing to the Pacific Ocean for some beach time at Manuel Antonio National Park. Finish off in one of the country's most remote areas—Osa Peninsula—for undeveloped rainforests, rare wildlife, and near-empty coastline.

Costa Rica Wildlife Adventure - 11 days

This active 11-day itinerary is designed to appeal to nature lovers and adventure fiends of every stripe. It starts on the southern Pacific coast, in the remote, Corcovado National Park. Here you'll enjoy rugged hikes abounding with wildlife-spotting opportunities. Then it's off to the north where you'll explore the misty cloud forests of Monteverde and fly over the forest canopy.  After a visit to the famed Arenal Volcano, it's time for another hike, this time to the Hule Lagoon, an ancient crater lake like something out of Conan Doyle's "Lost World." Enjoy waterfall rappelling before ending your Costa Rican adventure with a wild rafting trip down the Pacuare River.

Costa Rica's Natural Wonders: Tortuguero, Los Quetzales, Corcovado & Manuel Antonio - 11 Days

This 11-day itinerary celebrates Costa Rica’s remarkable biodiversity and highlights four of the country’s magnificent national parks. Traverse the coastal Caribbean waterways of Tortuguero, see the mythical quetzal bird in the cloud forests of Los Quetzales, and search for jaguars and tapirs in the remote habitats of Corcovado. After a day of snorkeling with colorful sea life at Caño Island, travel up the Pacific coast to the white sand beaches and lush jungles of Manuel Antonio.