House & Gardens of Claude Monet in Giverny

House and garde of Claud Monet
Claude Monet, who lived for forty-three years (1883 to 1926) in his house in Giverny, had a passion for gardening. With a love of colors, he conceived his famed flower and water garden as true works of art. Enjoy walking through his house and gardens, absorbing a unique and peaceful atmosphere that the Master of Impressionism created. Marvel at the floral compositions and nymphéas, his greatest sources of inspiration.

As you enjoy the scenery, learn more about Monet, the leader of the pictorial movement of the 19th century. His work and devotion changed academic representative art, introducing heightened perception, emotions, and light. The painter devoted more than forty years of his life to one of his finest masterpieces: his garden in Giverny. Monet sought to transform a simple orchard into a magnificent colorful garden, filled with Japanese cherry trees, flowerbeds of nasturtiums, tulips, and roses—an explosion of colors for each season.

Next, wander through the romantic water garden, with its famous Japanese bridge, wisterias, water-lily pond, weeping willows, and irises. Behold this living picture with its profusion of reflected light and colors.

Then, visit the master's charming pink house to observe the painter's everyday life—a busy one surrounded by eight children! You can view the drawing-room, pantry, bedroom, study, dining room, and beautiful kitchen. Along the way, admire his collection of Japanese prints, another source of inspiration.

End your visit in the big studio, where Monet created his famous water lily paintings. Today, you'll find these paintings at the Orangerie Museum in Paris.

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