Milan Walking Food Tour

Various cured meats in the Mercato Centrale
Discover Milan’s culinary scene with a food tour through the city. You’ll mix the charming architecture and famed landmarks of Milan with bites of the best Italian cuisine in the city. Enjoy tasting local staples, including world-renowned Italian coffee, sweet cannoli, perfectly cured prosciutto, various Italian cheeses, Milan-style meatballs, and savory lasagna, plus wine and prosecco.

As you follow your guide through the city with its various shops and markets, you’ll stop to meet the wonderful producers who put their hearts into local specialties. With their help, you’ll learn what makes eating and drinking in Italy so wonderful. A couple of highlights include beloved Milanese risotto and properly made creamy gelato. In addition, you’ll learn how to spot the freshest gelato, giving you insider knowledge that you can use throughout the rest of your time in Italy!

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