Osa Peninsula Nighttime Wildlife Tour, Puerto Jiménez


When the sun goes down, the wildlife-rich Osa Peninsula comes to life! In fact, the peninsula, which is nearly covered in protected parks and wildlife refuges, is teeming with nocturnal life, including some of the country's most interesting insects and amphibians.

This two-hour nocturnal nature tour is a great activity for watching the peninsula transition from day to night as wildlife emerge. Your destination for this activity is El Ñeque, a community about 15 minutes from Puerto Jiménez. You'll follow a trail close to a stream, where wildlife sightings increase. 

With your hiking boots laced up and your flashlight in hand, follow your guide into the forest to uncover all types of exotic nocturnal creatures you'd never get to see during the day! These include bats, spiders, various frogs, snakes, kinkajous (relatives of raccoons), and many other wonders of this secret nighttime world.

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