Paris Macaron Baking Class

Macaron tasting
They're all the rage in Paris and beyond—chic, colorful, and delicious. But why not delve deeper into the macaron experience by learning to bake your very own batch in a friendly cooking class? This hands-on workshop puts you in the heart of the prestigious Lenôtre Paris Cooking School, where a professional chef will teach you the steps of creating this classic Parisian delicacy. Family, friends, partners, and solo travelers will love this sweet experience.

Your English-speaking trained pastry chef will welcome you into a professional kitchen to demystify the art of the hallowed macaron as you whisk and whip your way to French flavor heaven. At the end of the course, you will keep (and eat) every macaron you make! Enjoy an interactive experience, create unique memories, and bring home newfound skills and recipes!

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