Because France is a large and diverse country, it's an ideal location for a family trip. From art-centric and foodie cities like Paris to outdoor playgrounds like the French Riviera and the beaches of northern France, there's always something to do with activities appealing to various ages and interests. Along the way, make unique family memories that you can only experience in France, such as riding horses through the surf at Mont-Saint-Michel, learning to bake macrons, or enjoying a treasure hunt at the Louvre.

Getting Oriented

Travel to France with your family.

France is an ideal destination for family travel, whether you have young kids or are enjoying a reunion of all ages. From vibrant, foodie, and art-centric cities to outdoor playgrounds like the peaks of the French Alps, the beaches of Normandy, and the inlets of the French Riviera, there's no shortage of activities to enjoy. So whether you and your family are foodies, art lovers, museum enthusiasts, city explorers, beach rompers, kayakers, mountain climbers, and more, France is a large and diverse country worth exploring.  

Food Experiences

Even if every member of your family has different interests, you all like to eat, right? Luckily, France is a foodie haven in its entirety. Kids and adults alike particularly enjoy France's sweet side, and you can take advantage of it yourself with food tours and classes.

Sweet Food Tour of Paris

Paris is the perfect place to indulge in your sweet side.

Let your kids explore the sweet side of Paris while you enjoy the chic neighborhood of Saint-Germain-des-Pres. With the help of a passionate food connoisseur, you'll discover some of the loveliest places Paris has to offer. Indulge in eight treats, tasting a whirlwind of cakes, tarts, meringues, chocolates, and more, all while learning about the city's rich dessert heritage. Read More

Paris Macaron Baking Class

Learn how to make France's signature cookie, the French macaroon.

Enjoy a family-friendly macaron baking class at Paris's prestigious Lenôtre Paris Cooking School. This interactive, hands-on workshop divulges the secrets of Paris's most famous pastry: the colorful, chic, light, and delicious macaron. Together with a professional pastry chef, you'll bake several cookies to enjoy, plus obtain a new set of skills and recipes to dazzle your friends back home. Read More

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Historical Experiences

Of course, France is ideal if you're interested in history. You can't go wrong with a trip to the Louvre, which features such a variety of treasures that it's sure to please everyone. Or, go back in time to the ear and experience the palace of Versailles like a royal.

Treasure Hunt at the Louvre

Enjoy the Louvre and learn about art along the way.

Hunt for treasure among the Louvre's 30,000+ pieces of art. Start with a brief introduction of the building and its three wings, then head out on a themed treasure hunt of your choosing. One of the most popular themes is "Beauty & the Bestiary," which combines imaginary creatures like Egyptian sphinxes, Roman satyrs, and Greek Centaurs with iconic pieces such as the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and Nike of Samothrace. Whoever photographs the most art is the winner! Read More

Versailles Kings & Queens Family Tour

The gardens and fountains of Versailles.

Discover the life of the kings, queens, and courtiers of France at Versailles with a family-friendly tour. You'll receive beautifully crafted activity sheets for kids to complete while you walk through the majestic palace, admiring ornately painted ceilings, glistening golden doorways, private royal quarters, and the splendid Hall of Mirrors. Follow a family specialist and accredited historian as you learn more about what life was like for the royal and noble residents of Versailles. Read More

Active Experiences

A highlight of family travel in France is creating unique memories that you can't experience elsewhere. In addition, there's an endless list of interesting active experiences in the diverse French outdoors. 

Kayak in the Calanques

Enjoy the crystal-clear waters and rugged inlets of the Calanques.

Kids and adults alike love kayaking around the picturesque Calanques of the French RiviThere's something for everyone to enjoy with With scenic coastline, crystal-clear waters, and charming fishing enjoy. Perfect for all skill levels, even beginners can paddle along these famed limestone coves and caves. Stop at beaches for a quick swim, and take a break for lunch in the quaint coastal town of Cassis. Read More

Horseback Riding at Mont Saint Michel

Ride horses in the surf at the iconic Mont Saint Michel.

Create a unique memory for you and your family by riding horses through the shallow surf surrounding the mystical island of Mont-Saint-Michel. This abbey sits atop a rock, naturally surrounded by the English Channel's surf at high tide. With experienced guides, you'll get to know your horses and set off on a ride, admiring the beautiful scenery and learning about the history of this 8th-century abbey. Learn More

How to Plan the Perfect Family Itinerary in France

A family visits the Eifel Tower in Paris.

When traveling with your family, it can be challenging to move around too much. Although France is a large country, it's fairly condensed, so you can do and see a lot in just one or two regions. Paris is a go-to hub vacation for families, as you can experience so much in just one city. Because family travel can be a little slower at times, give yourself one week in Paris to enjoy the city and explore some of the surrounding areas at a more leisurely pace. You can easily pop up to Normandy or over to Alsace for a couple of nights. 

Don't forget that France has a fast-speed, reliable train network, regional flights, and a great highway system. You can easily go from Paris to Nice to experience both the north and south. Besides Paris, families tend to enjoy the French Alps, Provence, and the French Riviera. To make the most out of your time in France, give yourself one or two weeks if you plan a cross-country excursion.

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