The medieval hilltop village of Èze is just 7 miles (11 km) up the coast from Nice, making it a popular destination for day trips from the Riviera's capital.

The simplest and most affordable method of transport is the bus, which runs from eastern Nice directly to the village entrance in about 30 minutes, traveling along the scenic Corniche Moyenne.

Private transfers are a more expensive choice but by far the most convenient, with door-to-door service that allows travelers to sit back and experience the unforgettable views.

The train is a quick and easy 15-minute journey along the coast from Nice Ville, but Èze’s station is located at the foot of the mountain, requiring a further 15-minute local bus ride or an hour’s steep but spectacular hike to reach the village above.

Self-driving is an option for those making the visit part of a wider tour of the area, but winding roads, Riviera traffic, and minimal village parking can be a hassle. Consider incorporating the drive into one of our five or ten-day itineraries, which take in the best of the Côte d'Azur at a leisurely pace.

By Bus

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

Traveling by bus is the most straightforward and economical way to reach Èze from Nice. Direct Lignes d’Azur buses #82 and #112 run from Nice's Valbaun bus station to Èze Village in about 30 minutes. Èze’s bus stop is an easy walk to the medieval center. To get to Valbaun station from central Nice, it’s easiest to take the Lignes d’Azur tram, which takes 8 minutes from the Vieille Ville and about 15 from Nice Ville station.

By Private Transfer 

Duration: 30 minutes 

Private transfer is the most expensive way of reaching Èze, but also the most comfortable, allowing passengers to sit back and experience the views along the Corniche Moyenne without worrying about parking or navigation. Travelers can arrange customized pick up and drop off locations and round-trip or one-way trips. 

By Train and Bus 

Duration: 35 minutes to 1.5 hours

Direct TER regional trains leave Nice Ville every 30 minutes and reach Gare d’Èze-sur-Mer in just 15 minutes. The station is located in the seaside town of Èze-Sur-Mer, at the foot of the cliffside below Èze, leaving travelers with two options to reach the hilltop village.

Just outside the station, the #83 bus leaves every 45 minutes to an hour and reaches Èze village in 15 minutes. Buses can be unreliable, and space for luggage is limited, so this choice is best for daytrippers or those not on a strict schedule.

For the adventurous, the village is connected to the station by a steep, rocky hiking trail known as the Sentier Nietzsche. This 1,400 (426-meter) climb requires sturdy shoes and sunblock, but reaches the village in about an hour and provides unforgettable views over the Côte d’Azur below.

By Rental Car 

Duration: 30 minutes

Lack of parking, winding roads, and high-season traffic mean self-driving from Nice to Èze is only recommended if the journey is part of a wider tour of the area. 

The main route picks up the M6007 (also known as the Corniche Moyenne) on the outskirts of Nice, reaching Èze in about 30 minutes. The Corniche Moyenne is one of the most famous roads along the Riviera, with dramatic views across the clifftops and coast.

Upon reaching Èze, parking can be difficult, There are two choices close to the village: the main parking below the town entrance, which fills up quickly, or the larger lot at Col d’Èze, a mile up the hill. This lot connects with the village via a free 5-minute shuttle.


Map of How to Get from Nice to Eze
Map of How to Get from Nice to Eze