Interior of Le Louvre

Treasure Hunt at the Louvre in Paris, Paris


The Louvre in Paris may seem like just a tourist's obligation, just as much as the Eiffel Tower, yet this palace of 35,000 pieces of art is certainly worth a visit! Henri Loyrette, former director of the Louvre, said that 80 percent of visitors see the Mona Lisa and then simply leave. In his opinion, it's a crime—and now you're here to solve it!

The adventure consists of photographing your team in front of as many pieces as possible within a given amount of time (90 mins to two hours or more, if you wish). You'll find additional bonus challenges in your treasure text, making the hunt educationally flexible, fun, and interactive. As a Louvre treasure hunter, your mission is to enjoy a bit of adrenaline, interaction, and learning with your museum visit!

You can choose among several treasure hunt themes, but "Beauty & the Bestiary" is the most popular theme for first-time visitors (adults and kids alike) to the Louvre. Bestiary is imaginary creatures such as unicorns, griffins, and dragons. Still, to get hunters to the main highlights, the theme also includes Egyptian sphinxes, Roman satyrs, and Greek Centaurs. To cover Louvre icons such as the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and Nike of Samothrace, you'll also browse lesser-visited corners such as the Islamic Collection and the Near Eastern quarter.

Upon meeting your guide outside the museum at Bernini's equestrian statue of Louis XIV, you'll start with a brief history of the Louvre's three wings and palace. Then, you'll head into the lobby under IM Pei's famous pyramid. After learning how to play, receiving your highlighted map and clipboards for the scribes, you'll set off on your treasure hunt. In the end, reconvene to tally the scores and attend a prize-giving ceremony!

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