Seaside Villages & Landscapes Tour on Syros

The Stunning Hillside Town of Ano Syros
Syros is an important member of the Cyclades Islands, with many significant landmarks and traditional villages. Experience the authentic side of Syros on this tour of the island. 

You'll start in the village of Kini, an angler's shelter known for its local legend involving a mermaid saving a local fisher. In the same area, you can find St. Barbara Monastery and view the relics of St. Dorothea. St. Barbara is a miraculous icon who used prayer to eliminate the plague that killed hundreds in Syros. Every year, locals celebrate her name day.

Next, head to Galissas, where you'll find the picture-perfect spot of white-washed St. Pakou Chapel overlooking the turquoise sea. As you return to Ano Syros, pass through the picturesque seaside village of Foinikas. Offering a charming marina and beach, this town seems to pop right out of the dusty-brown hills. 

End your road trip with the always-popular Poseidonia, strolling its colorful waterfront and one of its several beaches. Enjoy a traditional lunch in one of the seaside cafes and try some local recipes.

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