Skrova Island Evening Cruise

Photo from Brim Explorer
Discover the beautiful island of Skrova onboard a silent hybrid-electric ship, which minimizes nature disturbances as you enjoy your cruise. You’ll pass white-sand beaches and observe the area’s rich wildlife living alongside ancient fishing communities. Skrova is home to many of Lofoten’s famous white-tailed eagles, soaring overhead against a mountainous backdrop.

Departing from Svolvær, you’ll cruise through the sea while admiring the area’s archipelago and arrive in Skrova in the early evening. The island is home to a small but lively community, surrounded by a mountainous landscape. You’ll have time to explore the area as you wish. Some options include enjoying a moderate hike up to the island’s highest mountain, a visit to the popular tunnel gallery, a stroll out to the picturesque lighthouse, or seafood dinner in one of the local restaurants.

As you depart and head back to Svolvær, enjoy a tour around Skrova and its neighboring islands. While cruising between the skerries, you can observe life below the surface with an underwater drone. Your guides will share stories about the area’s history, wildlife, and local folklore. Enjoy one of Norway’s famous late sunsets as the evening light fades, and keep an eye out for dolphins or other wildlife.

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