Sorrento Sea Kayak Tour

Sorrento's waterfront
Enjoy an unforgettable sea kayaking experience along the Sorrento coast as you admire breathtaking landscapes, vibrant nature, colorful villages, and shimmering water. Together with a guide, you’ll kayak along Sorrento’s coastline and discover a completely different perspective from the water.

You'll start at Marina Grande in Sorrento, where you'll get acquainted with your equipment and learn a few basic techniques. When ready, leave the bay and follow your guide as you navigate a route along the ancient Greek walls, arriving at the ruins of Agrippa Postumo’s historic villa. Paddle into a 60-foot (19-m) artificial cave for a surreal experience.

Continue along the coast and stop at the Villa Romana di Pollio Felice. Then, enjoy a break to swim in a natural pool known as Bagni della Regina Giovanna, or simply relax on the shore. 

As you paddle back to Marina Grande, savor the unspoiled views of the coast with a beautiful backdrop of the Sorrento mountains. The peaks tower over colorful houses and villas overlooking the sea. 

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