Vatnshellir Lava Cave Tour

Dig deeper into Iceland's geologic history by touring the Vatnshellir Lava Cave on the southwestern end of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. A 2.5-hour drive from Reykjavik will get you there, to the most visited cave in the country.

The cave is an 8000-year-old lava tube created by a volcanic eruption from a nearby crater in the Purkhólar crater family. As the lava rushed down the hill in the form of a river, it began to cool on the surface, creating a crust. When the eruption stopped, all the lava from underneath the crust continued to drain, leaving behind a hollow tube.

To start the tour, you'll head down several flights of stairs to reach the lava tube itself—the eruption and receding lava left behind minerals that you can still observe today. As a result, the rocks compose vivid colors: reds from iron deposits, yellows from sulfur, and greens from copper. Enjoy walking through this 650-foot-long (200-m) tube, which reaches depths of over 100 feet (35 m).

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