Vermouth Tasting in Barcelona

Quench your thirst for one of the most popular traditions in Barcelona—sipping vermouth at midday. Although vermouth has become a symbol of the Barcelona hipster, wineries and bars where patrons slink into corners or rest elbows at lively counters and drink vermouth for pleasure (and not for show) still exist—and have always existed. 

The first wineries started making vermouth in the 14th century when fer el vermut ("having the vermouth") became a weekend tradition when returning from Sunday Mass or catching up with friends and neighbors at midday. We love fer el vermut because it's as simple and customary as it gets.

Your tour of Barcelona's vermouth scene and history includes experiencing this ritual. You'll start by watching the experts extract vermouth from the cask with a signature pour. Then, as you learn about the culture behind the drink, enjoy it paired with some salted and tender anchovies or a tin of mussels. Then, do as the locals and "have another vermouth," this time paired with razor clams or patatas bravas seasoned with spicy romesco. Finally, add some cheese with your third vermouth and enjoy this very traditional and cultural lunchtime, one unlike any other!

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