Morocco Off the Beaten Track

Morocco Off the Beaten Track is a Moroccan based travel company. Our philosophy in developing private cultural tours is to focus on providing a true Moroccan experience for our visitors through homestays, social interactions, and guided tours. These experiences can be customized to meet the wants, needs, and expectations of our visitors.

Morocco Off The Beaten Track is made up of expert local and foreign staff who know Morocco best. A number of our team are former Peace Corps staff with extensive expertise in cross-culture education and leadership. Our staff is intent on providing the most meaningful cross-cultural experiences for our program participants through reflection and individual growth.

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Camel trekking in Morocco
Best Things To Do In Morocco

Morocco has activities for travelers of all ages and interests. With such a diverse landscape — from plains to mountains to coast and desert — Morocco is a great place both for both adventure and relaxation. Check out our list of favorite things to do, below.

Best Time To Visit Morocco

Morocco is a vast country, stretching from its Mediterranean shores in the north, its Atlantic coastline to the west, to the Sahara in the south. As a result, Morocco’s climate and weather vary greatly and this influences the best times to visit particular areas of the country.

Erg Chebbi in the Sahara
A Moroccan Desert Adventure - 4 Days

Experience Morocco's stunning natural beauty and fascinating culture on this four-day trip to its mountains, deserts, and oases. Ride camels in the Sahara, roam the maze of passageways in a classic kasbah, and hike through a river gorge. Along the way, you'll meet Berber tribes, eat fresh dates and nuts straight off the trees, and browse the vibrant souks and bazaars.